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Throughout the summer months we will be lurking about the bay looking for photographic opportunities (subject to weather of course). We tend to stick to around the islands and Porth Ceiriad because there are some nice backgrounds in that part of the bay. We'll have banners on the sides and rear of the boat so we should be easy to spot. If you want some shots taking just give us a call or wave us over (the mobile number will be on the banner) and we will advise you what to do. The best shots ideally have something in the background that identifies the location as Abersoch so we will position ourselves accordingly and then we will ask you to slowly go around us in circles so that your boat and the occupants are nicely angled in towards the camera. Another good shot (especially for bowrider type boats) is to come straight on towards the camera with all occupants facing forward. Try and get all passengers clearly visible. Just because you can see the camera doesn't mean we get a good shot of you. All the best shots will be uploaded to our website within a couple of days. There is abolutely no obligation to buy anything but if you see a shot you like you can order it via the website shopping cart. We intend to be out there most weekends but it is subject to weather conditions, however if you give the gallery a ring on the day (01758 713666) we will be able to give you a better idea of what's happening.

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